Take Action Inc. Kick-Off Assembly – Thursday, Jan. 22, 2:40PM

Join us as we launch our All School Food Drive partnering with Take Action INC. (In the Name of Christ) to feed local children in need.  Did you know that there are many students in over 22 area schools who go home on Friday afternoons and have nothing to eat until Monday morning when they come back to school?  Donating the non-perishable items listed below between January 23 and February 13, will help ensure these kiddos receive at least something to eat on the weekends.  Our 7th/8th graders will sort, package and deliver food items to the schools on Friday, February 13.

Take Action Inc. can only take the following non-perishable items:

Oatmeal (individual packets)
Cereal (individual boxes)
Canned tuna
Healthy snacks
Protein bars
Canned pasta sauce
Cans of soup
Peanut butter
Non-perishable milk
Breakfast bars
Canned meat
Chicken Helper
Tuna Helper
Canned meals (i.e., chili, stew)
Applesauce or fruit cups
Bags of rice &/or beans
Juice boxes

Additionally:  Cash donations allow Take Action INC. to purchase food at deep discounts from the Oregon Food Bank.  100% of all donations are used to purchase food. Financial donations are tax-deductible.  To make an online donation, please go to:  www.takeactioninc.org.   Thank you for your support on their behalf!
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