Hoop-A-Thon Kicks Off With Blaze!

It’s HOOP season and our HOOPtastic student driven fundraiser, Hoop-a-Thon, kicked off today with BLAZE from the Portland Trailblazers!  Talk about getting fired up – your kiddos are all fired up ready to chase down those pledges!

Remember to create your child’s pledge page by going to WHCSHOOP.COM to set them up and then start pulling in those pledges.  

All kids bringing in a pledge of ANY amount will earn a participation prize and students bringing in $125 in pledges will earn an awesome Hoop Shirt! for bringing in $125 in pledges.  

We have a big goal of bringing in $65,000 to help out our school this year!  We will be Keeping the Press On all the way to HOOP Day on March 4th!  Let’s do this!