Congratulations to the top 4 winning classes for turning in the most BoxTops For Education labels this last month. Here are their grand totals:

2nd (Mrs. Davis – 1057) – second month in a row!!
6th (Mrs. Mickel – 743)
1st (Mr. Middleton – 686)
4th (Mrs. Porter – 644)

Classes still have several more months to earn their way to a Pizza/Movie Party at the end of the year!  Just cut out the BoxTops labels from products you use every day, put them in a ziplock bag and write the name of your student/their class on the bag. Kiddos can drop them off in the collection bin on their way to lunch!  Pretty simple! Our goal this year is to raise $2,000 which goes towards our new Literacy Resource Room needs.  For answers to your questions about BoxTops, please contact Nisha Seely at

Box Tops for Education


Box Tops Monthly Contest Results

Congratulations to the top 4 winning classes for turning in the most BoxTops For Education labels this last month. Here are their grand totals:

2nd (Mrs. Davis – 881)
6th (Mr. Middleton – 443)
1st (Mrs. Mickel – 415)
4th (Mr. Killian – 413)

Classes still have several more months to earn their way to a Pizza/Movie Night at the end of the year!  Just cut out the BoxTops labels from products you use every day, put them in a ziplock bag and write your students name/class on the bag.  Kiddos can drop them off on their way to lunch!  Pretty simple!  Thanks for helping your school!
Box Tops for Education


Box Tops For Education And More

Keep those Box Tops coming!!!  In just two months, we have already collected a total of 3,255 Box Tops!!  Collecting Box Tops is FREE MONEY for our school!

This year the top two winning classes from K-3 and 4-8 will get a Pizza/Movie Night party after school on May 21, 2015!!

TOP FOUR CLASSES after two months:
(1st) 2nd Davis = 600; (2nd) 1st Mickel = 362; (3rd) 4th Killian = 355; (4th) 5th Riedl = 326

Remember to submit Box Tops in a sealed plastic bag and to write the class name and grade on the bag.  Drop off in the designated Box Tops container in the lower hallway by the kitchen and be sure you check the expiration dates for the Box Tops as once they have expired they can no longer be used.
Noteworthy:  We ARE PARTICIPATING this year in ‘Labels for Education!’  Please put these labels in separate baggies and  drop them in the Box Tops container.  Labels for Education will not be part of the count for winning the party.  We will earn great merchandise item(s) for the school with these labels.

Thank you for all the Box Tops that have been collected so far; keep them coming!! This year all the earnings will benefit the Literacy Resource Room!!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at
Box Tops for Education




Christmas Card Drawing Contest

This year we will “discover” yet another West Hills Christian School Christmas Card artist!  Each year a contest is held whereby students submit their very own special rendition of a Christmas card.  Two winners will be announced and the card will then go into production to eventually be mailed out to all our Alumni and School Donors.

The two winners of the Christmas card drawing contest will each receive the honor of being West Hills Christian School’s Christmas Card Artist and a $50.00 gift card from Target.

Here are the Christmas Card artwork rules:
1. There will be two winners: one from K-4th Grade and one from 5th-8th Grade
2. The drawing must reflect what Christmas means to the artist
3. All artwork must be an original design. Please do not copy anyone’s work
4. All artwork must be hand drawn and colored with colored pencils. No electronic use of any type allowed
5. All West Hills students K-8th Grade are eligible to enter one Christmas card artwork drawing
6. The final artwork drawing must fit on one side of a 4″ x 9″ piece of paper
7. The one piece of artwork must be submitted to Melissa Balsiger by Friday, October 31 at 8:30 am
8. The two winners of the drawing contest will be announced on Monday, November 3 in a News and Events post and on Facebook

Thanking all our “resident artists” in advance for their participation!!
Christmas 2 pics

Join Us For Crusader Day – Tomorrow, Oct. 4

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow (Saturday) at Crusader Day!  The moment has finally arrived when you will stop receiving these reminder emails! Hooray!

Join us on campus tomorrow any time between 11 am to 3 pm.  Wear your red Crusader Day T-shirt and enter to win an iPad mini.  ANYONE wearing their Crusader Day shirt can enter. The question remains – are you going to be the one going home with a brand new iPad mini?  Some lucky attendee will, so why not you?

Remember to bring your wristbands (if you bought them early) or plan to purchase yours just inside the entrance doors.  Use our convenient shuttle service to our event parking lot at Greater Portland and get to campus for all the fun!  Here’s the link for the GreaterPortlandParkingMap.

Don’t forget to visit the Book Fair and sign up for a time with caricature artist,  Steve Cowden.  A limited number of spots are available, so visit early to claim your time.  Mrs. Reichen and Mrs. Brunton have worked tirelessly to choose books for you to enjoy and purchase.  Stop in and say “hi” – they would love to see you!

You’ll also want to be the first to the field and get some gaming time with the Game Truck when you get here, but hurry – those slots fill up FAST!  It is just $1 for a 20 minute session  so grab your friends and challenge them to a game.  While you wait for your turn in the truck, why not take a run through the obstacle course or climb an 18’ rock wall.  It’s all in a Saturday’s work, right?

Work?  Or do we mean play?  Join us in the gym for the classic carnival games, fun and prizes you remember.  Woops – are we still missing something?  How about a cake? The cake walk is in Mr. Killian’s 4th grade classroom, so listen to the music and walk away with a sweet treat!

The Online Silent Auction closes promptly at 1 pm tomorrow.  All bids are ONLINE ONLY.  Use one of our 16 convenient laptops at Crusader Day to bid or bring your smart phone and win your favorite items.  Check out all of our amazing classroom art projects, they are so unique, they need to be seen in person to be appreciated, so stop by and take a look.  Your kiddos will be glad you did!  This is also your last chance to get in on one of our awesome buy-in parties so grab a friend and sign up.

No need to pack a lunch, we’ve got that too!  Visit our food vendors for a variety of good eats for the whole family.  A portion of proceeds from each vendor goes to Crusader Day funds, so eat and know your money was well spent!

Thank you to all of our attendees, volunteers, sponsors, and bidders for helping us make Crusader Day a HUGE success.  Our classroom technology improvements will make a big difference for all our kids and teachers.  Thank you for your generosity and we look forward to enjoying Crusader Day with you and your family!

Crusader Day


Are You Still The High Bidder?

You might want to double check if you have placed bids in the Crusader Day Online Auction!  It appears that outbid notices have been spotty in making it to inboxes and we want to make sure that your bid is on TOP!  To double check your bidding status, login to the Auction  and go to your account.  Under “Auction” there is a screen for bid history where you can see where your current bids stand.  From this point forward you should be receiving these notices but it is worth a second (or third…) look to make sure you are still the top bidder on your favorite Auction items.  We don’t want you to be disappointed at 1:00 pm on October 4th and you realize it was not your bid that takes home the prize! So take a look!  Who knows, you might just find a new item you didn’t even notice on your first search.  With so many great things to see, you’ll want to keep your bid in the mix!
Crusader Day

Wear It And Win!

Wear your Crusader Day T-Shirt to Crusader Day on October 4 and you could win a new iPad mini!  Visit our iPad raffle station on Crusader Day (this Saturday) and get your raffle ticket for a brand new iPad mini.  One entry per person, you must be wearing your CRUSADER DAY SHIRT to enter.  Drawing will be held at 3 pm on 10/4 and one winner will be drawn.  Anyone wearing their Crusader Day shirt is eligible:  adult, student, friend…so don’t forget to wear your Crusader Day T-shirt and we will see you at Crusader Day!



Wristbands For Sale During PM Carpool

Plan to join us for Crusader Day, THIS Saturday, October 4th

We will be selling event wristbands at afternoon carpool Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week.  Avoid the lines and buy your wristbands early!!!



Full Indoor/Outdoor Wristband (BLUE) $10 = 1, $20 = 2, $25 = 3, $5 each additional wristband after 3—includes:  all Indoor Games and Outdoor Entertainment.  Not included:  Game Truck, Photo Booth, Food Vendors

Indoor Wristband (GREEN) $7 = 1, $14 = 2, $20 = 3, $5 each additional wristband after 3—includes:  all Indoor Games.  Not included:  Outdoor Entertainment, Game Truck, Photo Booth, Food Vendors

Younger Sibling Wristband (YELLOW) $5 each—includes:  all Indoor Games and small outdoor bounce house.  Not included:  Outdoor Entertainment, Game Truck, Photo Booth, Food Vendors

Outdoor Entertainment

  •         Xtreme Rush Obstacle Course
  •         Human Hamster Ball Races
  •         18’ Rock Climbing Wall
  •         Spin Art Activity
  •         Carousel Bounce House (age 6 yrs and below)

Indoor Games

  •         Basket Toss
  •         Bean Bag Toss
  •         Baseball Pitch
  •         Rocket Launch
  •         Big Mouth Bowling
  •         Basketball Shootout
  •         Whirly Ball
  •         Washer Toss
  •         Lob a Dart
  •         Prize Wheel
  •         Frisbee Throw
  •         Ring Toss
  •         Cake Walk
  •         Face Painting

Game Truck—$1 per 20 minute gaming time

Photo Booth—$1 per photo

Food Vendors—Various Prices

Book Fair and selected Silent Auction items will be displayed in the auditorium.  Come ready to support our library and make your final bids. All classroom art projects will be on display at that time.

There are going to be so many things to see you will want to plan some time for your family to join us at Crusader Day.  It will be running from 11-3 so mark your calendars.  We can’t wait to see you there!
Crusader Day